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We provide most popular
repair services

Air Conditioning

At BLUERAY HVAC we offer excellent air conditioning service, repair, installation, replacement & maintenance.

High Efficiency Condensing Units

We install and service High Efficiency condensing units with mind-energy

Ductless Mini Splits

We not only install and service central air conditioners, which are probably the most common, but also heat pumps

Rooftop Units

Commercial rooftop units and systems, from 1½ tons through 162 tons, we repair, install and service them.

Mini Split Forced Air Units

We offer mini split forced air units that collects heat from the outdoor air and delivers cozy warmth to a specific

Central Ac Units

If there is air superiority to central air-conditioning units we offer quietest most efficient built for total

Duct Work

We design, install repair duct work with accuracy and efficience with no defects. *We don’t do duct cleaning.

Cooling & Heating Systems

Having a great cooling and heating system is essential to the comfort of your home, business and industry.